Having a website in WordPress is quite comfortable for all non-technical people who are not interested in coding. The role of plugins in the functionality of the WP website is crucial. There are around 56,000+ plugins available to run and design a portal in this framework. We will do a quick and easy-to-understand review of the 7 must-have WordPress plugin lists for the website in 2022.

Ensure that you are using only appropriate WordPress plugins because inappropriate plugins can only create issues for your portal.

What is WordPress Plugin?

It is software that fits into a site to add new functionality to a WordPress portal. The primary use of WordPress plugins is to enhance the use and functionality of a portal. Plugins can use for both e-commerce and portfolio sites.

Why Should You Check List of WordPress Plugins List? 

Every website owner should make their website fully functional and secure. It is possible without coding for the users when they use the plugin. Hence, checking the WordPress plugins list is crucial for website owners.

1). Elementor: 

A simple, elegant, and fully-functional website is possible when using the Elemenntor plugin on your website. It is the most popular plugin among the WordPress plugins list for 2022. Hence, when you allow the use of this plugin, then you can quickly build custom pages that will work as independent pages.

How does Elemenntor works?

A user can add the visual design interface on the web pages by using the Elemenntor plugin. You must use this plugin if you want to give eye-conic and stylish design templates to the web pages.

2). Jetpack:

Automattic develops this plugin, and it is the top WordPress plugin. It is a multi-feature-based tool because it not only focuses on the marketing niche of the website but also works on the design and security notion. You can find every minute of site analytics by using the Jetpack WordPress plugin on your website.

How do Jetpack works?

The main functions of Jetpack are site analytics, malware scanning, login security, lazy image loading, spam filtering, downtime monitoring, and CDN. Both free and paid plans are available for Jetpack. You can consider it according to your budget.

3). SEO Yoast:

The most popular WordPress plugin I want to recommend to all users of this framework is SEO Yoast. Just like the name sounds, this plugin helps you complete your website’s on-page SEO quickly. I am also using this plugin on my more than five websites right now; it allows me to work according to the search engine optimization guidelines.

How does SEO Yoast work?

This plugin has the feature to disclose the on-page SEO of your pages and blogs on the WordPress website. For example, it marks red the length of the title, and meta focuses on keyword density, all while posting content on the website.

4). WPForms:

Looking for the top 10 WordPress plugins, and if you missed the WPForms, you might miss the most prestigious tool you need to add to your website. It is the contact form plugin or any other form plugin, and there are so many WP contact form plugins, but it is the most credible and trusted plugin right now.

How WPForms works?

It is a simple and easy-to-operate form builder and mainly works on the customized choice of the users. You can create multiple forms such as online payment, subscription form, email subscription form, etc. There are around 300+ pre-built forms that you can use in the WPForms.

5). Contact Form 7:

In the list of WP plugins, we can’t forget to add the name of Contact Form 7 because it is the most necessary and must-have WP plugin. If you want to get in touch with your potential clients through queries and receive the data such as name, phone, email, and questions, then you can install this plugin for WordPress. No more coding is required to add the contact form section when you use this fantastic plugin developed by Takayuki Miyoshi.

How does Contact Form 7 work?

No matter you have a business website or a blog website? The get in touch section is the most important, and this plugin is free, easy to use, and efficient for handling countless clients’ queries at once.

6). WooCommerce:

The list of plugins in WordPress is extensive, but here we are reviewing popular WP plugins. If you have an e-commerce website and are looking for suitable WordPress plugins, then you can’t miss the WooCommerce plugin download option in your dashboard. You can set up your online shop or store by using this plugin.

How WooCommerce works?

This plugin works on the customization goals with built-in setting features. Developers also use this plugin to create unique websites.  

7). Google Analytics for WordPress:

Seven popular list plugin WordPress is not yet completed; you must know about the site data tracking and monitor plugin, which is Google analytics. You can track the website’s audience visits and page performance using this plugin in WordPress.

How does Google Analytics for WordPress work?

It is one of the best WordPress plugins because it helps you monitor and track the website’s performance in terms of traffic, clicks, and impressions along with a location graph.

The Bottom Line:

Plugins are crucial to run a smooth and successful WordPress website. These plugins allow easy customizations and operations for your website. Hence, you must use the above seven plugins for your WordPress website. This most used WordPress plugin list is helpful for so many users to add more value to their online presence. You should also focus on the fastest WordPress hosting for your portal to reduce website downtime.

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